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Zhou Chuna Surgery | Zhou Chuna Instagram

In China, a 17-year-old girl Zhou Chuna so wanted to achieve the appearance of her dreams that in just three years she underwent about 100 plastic surgeries. The schoolgirl decided to change herself, because of the persecution of classmates.

Schoolgirl from China performed 100 plastic surgeries in three years
Schoolgirl from China performed 100 plastic surgeries in three years

Zhou Chun has been a regular client of plastic surgeons since she was 13, her before and after plastic surgery photos have made her viral. It all started with the young Chinese woman's dissatisfaction with herself. The teenagers who studied with her added fuel to the fire. As a result, the schoolgirl decided that she had too small eyes and a disproportionately large nose.

The girl has already undergone rhinoplasty, did liposuction and pumped fillers into her lips. She has an enlarged eye shape and breast size.

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Zhou China Plastic Surgery Girl

China Schoolgirl - 100 plastic surgeries in three years
China Schoolgirl - 100 plastic surgeries in three years

Zhou Chuna's whim cost her parents $ 620,000 (almost 59 million rubles). The girl did not give her family much choice, threatening to quit school and find a way to pay for the surgery if she was not supported.

The doll-like Chinese woman turned to plastic surgeons a bit less often during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past year, the number of procedures that she underwent turned out to be within 20. Zhou Chun is not going to stop there.

“I will never be satisfied with my appearance. I always think that after the next plastic surgery I will only look better. Someone once asked me if I regretted my plastic surgery. The only thing I regret is that I did not start them earlier, ” the girl emphasized.

Pictures: Zhou Chuan Before And After Plastic Surgery – Age And Ethnicity Revealed

Zhou Chuan Dead Or Alive?

Zhou Chuan has gained huge popularity as she has undergone over 100 Plastic surgery at such a young age. This China’s youngest plastic surgery junkie claims to have improved her appearance with at least 100 invasive cosmetic surgeries in three years.

Zhou Chuna, has over 300,000 followers on Sina Weibo (a microblogging site), has recorded her three-year evolution from a normal-looking girl to a doll-like celebrity, building her online profession around cosmetic surgery.

Who is Zhou Chuan? | What is Zhou Chuan Age?

She is currently 17 years old. She went viral last year when she was 16 years old. She is not the only or first girl who has tried cosmetic improvements at such a young age, but Zhou Chuan’s condition is deemed special due to the surgeries she has done (approximately 100) in such a short period.

What is Zhou Chuan Ethnicity?

Her ethnicity is Chinese for sure, as Zhou Chuan is Chinese. We think the motivation behind her obsession with plastic surgery is the beauty standard the Chinese people have. Everyone wants a “goose egg” shaped face and large eyes with double-fold eyelids.

She recalled that she was quite unattractive before uncovering cosmetic surgery. She described her eyes as being too small and her nose as being too big.

Zhou frequently reminds her internet fans how her schoolmates made fun of her because of her looks. They gave her insulting nicknames, hurtful jokes, and always gave her the most difficult jobs on class cleanup duty, while the gorgeous females had it easy. 

She rapidly recognized that her life would not change unless her appearance improved.

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