London, February 6. Some symptoms of coronavirus indicate the need to urgently see a doctor, said the chief pharmacologist of the British clinic, Hussein Abdeh.

Four symptoms of COVID-19 require urgent medical attention
Four symptoms of COVID-19 require urgent medical attention

At the first signs of the disease, you should immediately isolate. These include coughing, loss of smell and taste, high fever and fatigue. A visit to a specialist as soon as possible is required for people with chest pain, difficulty breathing, speech, and mobility problems.

In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, over 104 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected worldwide, almost 2.3 million people have died. The leaders in the number of infected remain the United States, India and Brazil.

Symptoms can be observed in people who have undergone coronavirus for some time. Residual symptoms include sweating, weakness, decreased taste buds, malaise and lack of smell, said infectious disease specialist Sergei Voznesensky.

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