Mask! The most fashionable entry model for luxury brands!

Although many people initially wore masks just to protect against the new crown virus infection, it quickly became a new fashion product, and it could even be said to have created a new type of accessories. Under this premise, various masks that emphasize fashion and even luxury attributes have begun to appear on a large scale.

According to data from Etsy, an online trading platform for American handmade products, the total sales of masks on the platform reached 24 million in the quarter ended September. According to data from Lyst, a fashion shopping search platform, searches for designer masks have increased by 33% in the past three months - among them,

Italian luxury brand Fendi's anti-pollution masks are "the most popular luxury brand masks", priced at US$270, and are searched more than 1,000 times a day. French luxury brand Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) also launched a face mask in September.

Mask! The most fashionable entry model for luxury brands! Designer, stylish, branded face mask
 Mask! The most fashionable entry model for luxury brands!

But not all masks and masks are as expensive as this Louis Vuitton. On the contrary, many high-end fashions and luxury brands see masks and face masks as a tool to attract new consumers. Marker's Adam Bluestein said that many luxury brands such as Burberry and Marni treat masks as accessories of the same kind as perfumes and glasses, "a relatively low-priced entry-level product that attracts new consumers. commodity".

With the rise of fashion and luxury masks, as early as July this year, major brands began to register trademarks and patents for their products.

For example, the French luxury brand YSL (Saint Laurent) under the Kering Group has applied for two trademarks related to "protective" and "filtering" masks to the US Patent and Trademark Office. In November, the LVMH Group also applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for a number of trademarks related to masks, covering various fields such as protective masks, medical masks, protective gloves, and surgical masks.

While Burberry applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for trademark rights related to masks, it also applied to relevant agencies in Australia, Singapore and Spain. Off-White has also applied for trademark rights related to masks and even hand sanitizers in many countries including Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore in the past few months.

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