The Kapil Sharma show is now live Sony TV, India's favourite comedy show that spreads positive energy across all India. The Kapil Sharma show cast is working hard to give a piece of a smile on your face. Kapil Sharma started this show agian on 29 December 2018, just two days before the new year 2019.

The Kapil Sharma New Show 2019

The Kapil Sharma New Show 2019

The Kapil Sharma New Show 2019

  1. TV Show Name:  ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’
  2. Hosting: Kapil Sharma
  3. Channel:  Sony Entertainment Channel (Sony Tv)
  4. Language:  Hindi
  5. Genre: Drama
  6. Days in Weeks:  Sat-Sun
  7. Timing:   09:30pm
  8. Started On:  29 December 2018
People always give love to Kapil Sharma for his fantastic Comedy and beautiful hostings of the shows. And when Kapil comes on stage with his hard-working team, then this makes the whole environment happy and cheerful. Kapil's fans are spread all over the world and they always thanks the best comedy nights with Kapil and his all cast. Here we have listed the whole cast working with Kapil Sharma in his show "The Kapil Sharma show".

See Full Old Cast here:

  1. Kapil Sharma:-- Kapil Sharma 
  2. Sumona Chakravarti:-- Sarla Gulati
  3. Kiku Sharda:-- Bumper
  4. Navjot Singh Sidhu:-- Himself 
  5. Chandan Prabhakar:-- Chandu
  6. Sunil Grover:-- Dr. Mashoor Gulati
  7. Ali Asgar:-- Naani
  8. Sugandha Mishra:-- Vidyavati 
  9. Rochelle Rao:-- Lottery
  10. Kartikey Raj:-- Khajoor
  11. Bharti Singh:-- Lalli
The above list of star cast is of the old show and most of the cast is same as before. But some main stars leave this show and some joined too. Sunil Grover working as Dr Mashoor Gulati in The Kapil Sharma Show had left the show due to some misunderstanding held between Kapil and Sunil. 
But after this Krushna Abhishek (Krishna) joined the show. He is also playing his role very well.

Booking of tickets for this show:

People always seek to book a ticket for this show online, wants to watch The Kapil Sharma Show full episode live. But this is not possible. you can not book ticket of this show on any website. One and only method of booking a seat for this show is that go to the show venue, contact the event organizers and get your seat booked. May it is free also sometimes.

Enjoy best episodes of Kapil Sharma !!.

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