Tesla's policy for deploying charging station networks is based on the idea that owners of electric vehicles should not stand in lines. It already takes a lot of time to charge, to still wait for your turn, even from two people. Therefore, the company always builds stations with excess racks. And now she has set a personal best by opening a 72-rack Supercharger station in Shanghai.

Tesla opens world's largest 72-rack electric vehicle charging station in Shanghai
Tesla Supercharger charging station in Shanghai with 72 racks.

Tesla reported in November that it had installed 20,000 Superchargers around the world. If the company maintains a new pace of accelerated deployment of new stations, then the next 20 thousand racks will appear much earlier than planned. It is for this purpose that the company is building its factory in Shanghai for the production of charging racks in China, which will begin production in February this year. Let us remind you that the declared capacity of the enterprise is 10 thousand charging stands per year.

It should be clarified that although the new Shanghai Tesla electric car charging station, although it contains a record number of racks, is not the most powerful in the world. The fact is that the racks installed there can deliver 120 kW. Only the Supercharger V3 racks provide the maximum power of 250 kW available today. They are not yet common, but in the US the company installs just such at new stations. In November, Tesla launched the largest 56-rack charging station at the time in Firebo, California. It is there that the Supercharger V3 racks are installed and this is the most powerful charging station in the world in terms of charging capabilities for electric vehicles.

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