Schools: The thriller ended with the students returning to the classrooms, as on Saturday morning the government spokesman announced the opening of schools of all levels on January 11, after a 7-day, however, lockdown, in order for this opening to take place. with maximum security.

Opening of schools in Greece: Students will return to the classrooms on 11/01 - The security measures
Opening of schools in Greece

It is final, students and teachers return to the classrooms after a month, with stricter measures to ensure their safety.

However, the measures that will be in force have not been finalized yet, but are expected to take place tomorrow, Monday, January 4, during the meeting of the Minister of Education, Nikis Kerameos, with the experts of the Ministry of Health. In fact, the announcements will be made immediately in order to adapt the whole mechanism to the new data.

It is reminded that January 11th is the return date for students of all levels, both for elementary and kindergartens, as well as for high schools.

Security measures - This is how the return will be made

The government has already announced the conduct of targeted tests on older students of High Schools and Lyceums, while the scenario for gradual attendance and departure of primary school students is being considered in order to avoid overcrowding mainly between parents.

The tests will be performed by special units of the Ministry of Health and will inform the parents, as the procedure will be voluntary.

In addition to these two measures, the same measures that were implemented before the closure of the schools will remain in force. When a case occurs to a student or teacher, some classes or the entire school unit will be closed if this is deemed necessary by the authorities.

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