Guys these days winter is ruling all over the world. There are many places on the earth that are suffering most with this. They are facing extreme conditions of winters there. Some of the cool places are listed below with temperature.

Winter season information:

  1. Verkhoyansk, Russia: -43°C
  2. Oymyakon, Russia: -38°C
  3. International Falls, Minn: -17°C
  4. Yakutsk, Russia: -41°C
  5. Hell, Norway: -2°C
  6. Barrow, Alaska.: -27°C
But people who are in such condition are not getting panic and facing the problem bravely. In Fact, they are enjoying winters because it is a regular process that happens every year. We have some content that we collect for you.

Just go through these videos and watch how peoples behave, works in winters seasons.

Winter season pictures and videos

Video no. 1 (Girls in winter)

Video no. 2 (-71°C (-96°F) World's Coldest Inhabited Place)

Check this: 

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