Mr Beast and the squad went back to first grade for fun. You can also enjoy there in their 1st grade by watching this video. In fact, you will find the series of all the grades from 1st to 12th grade. The video contains fantastic, engaging and enjoyable content. Here we have surmised all the video in subtopics. You can read the summary or easily can go through the embed video.

I Went Back To 1st Grade For A Day

1st Grade

You will find a teacher is teaching the student (who are actually adults or teens). The teacher is taking introduction from all students, narrating the story, and taking the examination.

The examination actually contains 10 questions that the students have to do in ten minutes. The teacher also instructed them to put their head down to the table after they have completed their test.
Some students are also trying to look at their neighbour's copy. All the candidates who get passed in this examination will be getting promoted to next grade.

2nd Grade

You will see that all the students have passed the first-grade examination and promoted to 2nd Grade. Here, in this grade, their teacher gets changed and asks some questions on the board. Then the students have their second test.

3rd grade and so on

In this manner, they pass one by one all the grades and for more, you can watch the whole video.

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