What is it like for all students to challenge 50 push-ups at the same time? On December 27th, boys and girls in the Xizhong playground of the province took standard push-ups and kneeling push-ups as their basic movements, and successfully completed the challenge of doing 50 push-ups in one minute.

All the students in the provincial tin middle school successfully challenged "50 push-ups per minute"

Before the challenge, under the guidance of the coach, the students reviewed the correct posture of push-ups and warmed up fully. The challenge begins! Each class is divided into two groups. One group is doing push-up challenges with one minute of fast and then slow drum beats to complete 50 push-ups within the specified time, and the other group of students counts as challengers. 

The whole class completed the challenge, and the monitor immediately raised a placard to indicate. Many classes completed the challenge ahead of schedule. Due to their weak foundation, some students persisted in completing the challenge amid the cheering and applause of the audience. Senior high school student Zou Ruoxi said that at first he could only do 20 push-ups, but he did not expect that he could easily complete 50 push-ups after practising as required. "We go to the playground to practice on a sunny day, and on rainy days we use the tables and chairs in the classroom to practice. After we return to the dormitory, we will also practice on the wall without a break for a day." Zou Ruoxi said, after forming the habit of exercising, He will continue to exercise in the future.

Why did the provincial tin central launch the "50 push-ups for everyone in the provincial tin central" challenge? 

According to the person in charge of the Student Affairs Office of the school, they found in the physical fitness test organized by the freshman students after entering the school that boys can only do 2.8 pull-ups on average, which is far from the requirements. After consulting with professionals, the school decided to let students start with the easiest push-ups and gradually improve their physical fitness.

In the test in early October, only 20% of the students could complete 50 push-ups. So the school launched the challenge of “everyone participates in 50 push-ups”: through more than two months of exercise, December 27 was determined as the challenge day, and the goal of 50 push-ups per person per minute was achieved.

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