On December 31, the movie "Send You A Little Red Flower" will be released. On the morning of December 25, the promotion song MV of this movie will be officially launched. When movie fans listen to the music, they will find that the MV of this song was recorded in Xiamen, and the singing group is the well-known Xiamen Sixth Middle School Chorus. So what are the stories behind the recording of this song?

"Bringing Warmth to More People" New Songs by Xiamen Sixth Middle School Choir

On the roof of a house in Shapowei, the children's innocent voices sing slowly. The song "Send You A Little Red Flower" is like a cloud, soft but powerful, and is transmitted to everyone's heart. According to the Xiamen Sixth Middle School Chorus, the main plot of the movie "Send You A Little Red Flower" is the life of two cancer-fighting families. The story includes the strength of ordinary people in the face of illness and the beauty of family members. The song is full of warmth in terms of lyrics and melody. At the beginning of December, the film propaganda party approached them, hoping to perform the song by the children of the Xiamen Sixth Middle School Choir.

A member of the Xiamen Sixth Middle School Choir said: “I hope that the release of the song will bring warmth and beauty to more people. It is also very upward. I hope that after listening to it, everyone can face the future positively.” During the interview, the members said: "I am a little proud, because I sing for the film and television works for the first time. I am still a little nervous, but I will feel nervous and worried, but I usually practice more."

The venue for this MV shooting was chosen at the end of Shapo, in the noisy alleys, with traffic and people, full of the "fireworks" of life. The soothing melody of the song and the scene of the old residential building make the story in the movie as if it happened around us. According to the teacher, they also hope that through this MV, they will show more of Xiamen to everyone.

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