A video clip is attracting netizens to share it on social media. The video in which an unusual reaction is captured of an elderly woman. An elderly woman scares everyone while getting vaccinated. Actually, the woman is reacting to an injection. The same video is going viral on social media platforms. We first noticed Elderly Woman Vaccination Viral Video on Instagram.

Elderly woman scares everyone while getting vaccinated, video goes viral
Elderly woman scares everyone while getting vaccinated, video goes viral

Many of us are remarkably sensitive 😅 when it comes to preparing for getting an injection. We all have taken injections at some time in life. And obviously, the experience is not very pleasing for everyone. Different people react while getting injections in various manners. Some are stable & patient, while some are remarkably fearful of it and truly start crying.

A video clip in which an old woman is responding unusually to injection is going viral on the internet. 

The video shows that an old woman is being vaccinated and her reaction to this is just hilarious. If you will watch the video with attention, you will notice that there are two men handling the old woman carefully so that she does not produce any more intricacies.

Elderly Woman Vaccination Viral Video

The woman truly screams as the injection's syringe comes close to her body and this situation is so unusual and funny. It is sure that you can not stop watching it again and again.

The video is becoming extremely popular and everyone appears to enjoy the old woman's reaction to the vaccination. The video clip has crossed 26 lakh views in a very short time.


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