We have seen many video makers worried about creating great quality videos. They face many problems in creating social videos. Because in a social video you have to take care of society and public. To serve the best in any video in one take, you have to take help of a script. But the script also becomes a problem, because if you read the script then viewers think that you are reading something, and that will be a bad impression on the viewers. So for overcoming this situation, you have to take the help of a  paid teleprompter which helps you in recording your videos. Actually, This teleprompter runs on your screen near the camera, so that you can read the script by keeping eye contact with your viewers.

But many video makers cannot afford such paid tools so that's why we have selected a video from youtube for you, that will tell you that how you can use those teleprompter facilities for free. so have a look of this video.

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