This zoo is spread over 32-acre of land and showcases a variety of native animals like bears, turtles & lynxes. If you are planning your visit to here, then you should go through this article. 

Thompson Park Zoo Watertown NY

Thompson Park Zoo Watertown NY
Things to do near Watertown New York

If you are planning to have fun with your family then you can choose this place as an option to visit. You can visit here as a couple to spend some time or as a family to spend some time with your family members. Kids will love this place and have interaction with nature and with different animals.

After analysing google reviews we catch some points that should be noticed by someone before visiting there. Here are some points that are chosen from the people reviews that they had by visiting there:

  • Staff is friendly and helpful.
  • The environment is clean like a gift shop and bathrooms.
  • Prices are fair good place for the family.
  • This zoo is adorable.
  • Zoo is clean and perfect for young children.
  • The paths are easy for strollers.
  • Variety of animals to keep your little ones entertained.
  • A small playground area outside.
  • Lots of animals from around this part of the world

The main thing to focus on this the zoo is affordable, engaging, enjoying which will make your day memorable if you will visit with someone special.

 Some Contact Details:

Hours of open:
  • Saturday: 11am–3pm
  • Sunday: 11am–3pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: Closed

You can see something more about Thompson Park Zoo Watertown NY here on its official website.
Visit the official website of Thompson Park Zoo Watertown NY.

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