What do pandas look like, panda facts, what do pandas eat are some questions answered here.
A video is also shared in this post, where you will see how Panda is eating a bamboo piece satisfactorily.

What kind of bears live in Arizona?
What kind of bears live in Arizona?

According to some reports, there are about 3,000 bears in Arizona. The black bear is still found in Arizona. They live in the forest, woodland and chaparral habitats, and desert riparian areas.
When it comes to talking of bears, a bear-like mammal Panda also comes in mind. A cute looking mammal as compared to a black bear. Here are some moments of a bamboo-eating panda.

See how Panda is eating a piece of bamboo

"Bamboo" main food of Panda

The panda's daily diet mainly consists of:
  • Leaves
  • Stems
  • Shoots
of various bamboo species.

How Panda Looks like?

Panda is a black and white bear. It has black hairs on eyes, eye patches, muzzle, legs and shoulders. Actually, there is a thick woolly coat on the body of this animal that keeps their body warm in the cool whether.

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