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3 types of titles that allow men to increase hormones

In emotional relationships, people think that the expression of love must be carried through love words and romantic actions. In fact, true romance is often a kind of silent detail.

In the small video of "Husband" made by Chen Xiaochun and Ying Cai'er, Ying Cai'er will always be called "husband" under any circumstances. One day she asked the other party, "Will you be bothered if I call your husband every day?" Chen Xiaochun replied, "No Yes, I think being your husband is very happy."

This subtle way of appellation can move a man's heart, improve hormonal skills, and let the appellation accompany two people to get along, and it will also increase mutual intimacy.

3 types of titles that allow men to increase love hormones

"Coquettish" nickname

In the movie "A Coquettish Woman's Best Life", it is said that "Aegyo is a woman's best weapon. A woman who can act like a baby also gets the privilege of love."

In fact, in the relationship between men and women, there is always a difference between the emotional needs and treatment of men and women. Men are naturally fond of "soft" women, so it is a skill for women to learn how to act like a baby.

For men, a woman's acting like a baby is a kind of being needed, which will make them feel a certain sense of pride as a man and a desire for protection. In fact, women learn to show weakness.

In the finale of "A Coquettish Woman", Gong Zhiqiang did not choose Peipei, a Taiwanese girl who would be coquettish. Instead, he chose Xiaohui, a straightforward personality. When he broke up with Peipei, he said, "Do you know why Lin Chiling has not Are you married? Because it is really tiring to get along with a woman like you who can act like a baby."

A woman's acting like a baby also needs to be controlled. Too much acting like a baby will make a man feel more pressured, and keeping it moderate can really make acting like a baby work.

In fact, you can express a woman's need for tenderness through the "coquetry" nickname, and promote the other person's hormones in a name, so that he can think about you.

For example, you can use "brother", "dear baby" and "uncle" to express the tenderness and loveliness of little women through the title of love, and deepen the emotional connection between each other.

3 types of titles that allow men to increase love hormones

Make life full of "interesting"

01). The relationship between Ying Cai'er and Chen Xiaochun is like a pair of happy friends, one is making trouble and the other is laughing. Chen Xiaochun looks very fierce to outsiders, but only corresponds to Cai'er in every way.

The painting style of the two people usually gets along is "humorous", and even the wedding photos taken continue the funny style of the two.

Chen Xiaochun never called Ying Cai'er wife, but called the other party "adult", and Ying Cai'er also called each other "Mr. Chen".

And the "model couples" Deng Chao and Sun Li in the entertainment circle are also "funny", while Sun Li calls Deng Chao a "little sheep", she said because Deng Chao's personality is like a little sheep.

In fact, sometimes two people do not have to be called "little baby" or "dear" when they are together. You might as well learn to change new tricks and create a different kind of fun between each other.

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