Trump's family Pictures, Is there any discord within the family? Trump's children announced the "family portrait", important figures were absent, and outsiders said that there was discord within the family

[Southern+December 26th] According to US media reports, US President Trump’s daughter Ivanka shared her family’s Christmas family portrait on social media, but there are few photos that seem to be full of Christmas joy "First Lady" Melania, foreign media speculated that this may mean that there has been serious discord within the first family.

Trump's family Pictures, Is there any discord within the family?

The Ivanka and Trump

According to reports, Ivanka uploaded this photo on social media, in which she is standing next to her husband Kushner and their three children. 9-year-old Arabella, 7-year-old Joseph and 4-year-old Theodore lined up beside their proud grandfather Trump, despite the number of infections and deaths in the U.S. Both have become the number one in the world, but Trump's face is still filled with a bright smile.

Trump's family Pictures, Is there any discord within the family?

Photos of Trump Jr. couple

Interestingly, the first lady Melania is obviously not in this family portrait full of American family happiness. This is because Melania has been accusing her stepdaughter Ivanka of trying to seize her duties as the first lady. Trump’s eldest son, Trump Jr., also shared photos of his family on social media, and the stepmother Melania did not appear. One of them is he and his wife Vanessa Hayden and their five children-Kay, Chloe, Donald III, Tristan and Spencer. One of his posts on Instagram was accompanied by the text: "Merry Christmas everyone. My family and your family wish you a happy day."

Trump's family Pictures, Is there any discord within the family?

Earlier, first lady Melania’s former best friend Stephanie Volkov had revealed that Ivanka had been at odds with Melania Trump and that Ivanka tried to crack down in a series of presidential election campaigns. the first lady. At the Republican National Convention in August this year, when Trump’s daughter Ivanka walked back after the last speech, the US First Lady Melania, who was standing next to Trump, first voted for Ivanka. Smile, but the moment Ivanka walked past her, Melania's smile turned into a "rolling eyes" that detonated the Internet.

Trump's family Pictures, Is there any discord within the family?

However, despite being marginalized by their children, Melania and Trump must remain close. In this three-minute video released on Christmas Eve, they jointly published their last public information during the White House. They praised the frontline staff and scientists of the new crown virus and thanked them for inventing the "magic" vaccine. Melania said in the video: "The President and I wish every American a Merry Christmas." Melania also thanked "the brave and selfless Americans who keep us safe. We are forever grateful to law enforcement officers and the U.S. military Heroes." She also said: "On behalf of Melania and the Trump family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." According to reports, the Trump family will spend their finals at Maralago Estate in Palm Beach, Florida. A White House Christmas. In order for Joe Biden to move in on January 20, they must leave the White House.

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