The reason is not the new play and new character, but she walked on a spacewalk and danced a Michael Jackson dance:

This authentic MJ dance is actually Seydoux's freestyle

For many people, this is Seydoux's "hidden skill". In fact, when she was filming "007: No Time to Die" last year, she came to the set for a section. Director Cary Fukunaga also specially filmed and posted it on ins:

Seydoux said in an interview before that she was a "super fan" of MJ. She read his biography over and over again, learned his dance, and wondered how such a quiet and shy person became like a king on the stage. .

Léa Seydoux | This woman, so Versailles, so real and lovely | Beautiful Pictures

Vogue Paris December/January

Speaking of it, Seydoux herself is also a very contrasting "contradictory body". This time she filmed the cover for Vogue Paris. She challenged three very different styles: neutral, sexy, and street.

Léa Seydoux | This woman, so Versailles, so real and lovely | Beautiful Pictures

The temperament of the French woman is ever-changing, and she feels freely free, without any restriction. We look at the handsome Seydoux, and think of her with blue hair and countless bends in "The Life of Adele":

Looking at the sexy Seydoux, we think of her with blonde hair and red lips in "007: Ghost Party":

Léa Seydoux | This woman, so Versailles, so real and lovely | Beautiful Pictures

People shouted "How can Mr. Lei be so charming" and "How many surprises do you have that we don't know", they all fell under her charm, but Seydoux's evaluation of herself is completely opposite——

"I can't bear to watch myself on the screen. What I see is full of embarrassment. I prefer to imagine who I am, rather than looking at the person on the high-definition screen. Those enlarged details make me uncomfortable."

However, Seydoux's "presumptuous self-defeating" is more than this. If we talk about her origin, it would be quite a scene of "Versailles":

Her family has been famous for nearly a hundred years. Her ancestors were aristocrats who owned the castle estate. Her grandfather and grandfather were the directors of the two oldest and largest film companies in France. Uncle was a film producer. He is also the director of the Lille Football Club, and his father is the founder of a French wireless company...In short, he is famous, and no one knows in France. But Seydoux has always denied that the family has helped her in her career, and she has never asked them for help, and she thinks she is "lonely and unfree" to grow into such a family.

Seydoux and her sister Camille Seydoux, the latter is a fashion designer, she also participated in the early red carpet modelling of her sister

For another example, she said why she chose to be an actor: "I don’t like modern life. I don’t have a TV or Internet at home. Those that scare me, I will not open, so I chose to become an actress because people will take care of me. I can travel everywhere, stay in great hotels, and someone will provide you with clothes and beauty...this profession is like a refuge."

Léa Seydoux | This woman, so Versailles, so real and lovely | Beautiful Pictures

Vogue November 2015

On the one hand, she worked with countless big directors to make films, from French popularity to Hollywood. On the other hand, she said that she only wanted to cook and garden at her home and high school on the Seine River. “I can disappear, I like to disappear. I may be the only one who doesn’t want to be watched. The actress who arrives." "I don't want to work. I want to have time with myself."

In addition to 007, Seydoux's another anticipated new film is "The French Specialist" directed by Wes Anderson.

Looking at it this way, these remarks by Seydoux seem a bit "hypocritical". For most ordinary girls, this is completely the "expansion trouble" of the celebrity and the rich, and the open mouth is what Lao Fan learned.

To some extent, no one is more "Versailles" than Seydoux-after all, they were born in Paris, played in Versailles, and even acted in Versailles palace battles.

A still from "Goodbye, My Queen" (2012), about the love-hate relationship of women in the Palace of Versailles in 1798

But at this point we still have to start a turning point. Léa Seydoux said this sentence:

"France people are bitching about everything." (French people always complain about what can be.)

She was talking about others, but also herself. We always preach how French women are free, self and casual, not just about appearance, but also speech, attitude and character.

Today, dominated by dualism, all statements must be correct, especially public figures, because every sentence may intentionally or unintentionally harm/disrespect a certain group, be misinterpreted, and then trigger attacks.

For women, people are more pursuing "correct" guidance: to be confident, self-loving, and self-consistent; inferiority is not right, it is not right to imitate others, it is wrong to only accept an aesthetic.

Therefore, the more slogans are shouted, women, especially female celebrities, must speak positive words. This is not wrong. But when Seydoux complained that "I want to be noticed, and I hate to be noticed", we also breathed a sigh of relief-of course people are contradictory, which is part of the truth of human nature. In Seydoux, we see "Versailles" and also "human reality".

From the outside, she thinks that she is very beautiful, and she is not beautiful at all. Anyway, she is not the kind of beauty in the crowd. She said that she is like a boy, clumsy, inelegant, and her nose is not feminine. "But I don't care, I am narcissistic like all actors, but also very vulnerable."

Léa Seydoux | This woman, so Versailles, so real and lovely | Beautiful Pictures

What this said, I believe that many girls can be seated on the table-even the most successful and perfect woman will always be picky and dissatisfied with herself, right? On the other hand, we always want to show confidence in front of others It looks like I don’t want to hear other people’s judgments about myself, and I end up walking back and forth on the balance of self-confidence and low self-esteem. There is no shame in admitting this.

In the case of Madeleine, her most well-known character "Bond Girl", from the correct perspective, we would certainly describe this as a character different from traditional Bond Girl. She is more independent and powerful. In the latest one , There is even Hollywood talented screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge to make the character fuller; but for the audience, no matter how the unique character of this character is promoted, it can’t escape the frame of the “bon girl”, which in itself Deep-rooted male vision, in Bond's world, such a "vase" is inherently difficult to subvert.

Stills of "007: No Time to Die"

At this point, Seydoux said: "People probably forget that Bond is also a sexual object. Women like to see Bond's good figure, right?" At this point, there is no essential difference between men and women in this series.

There is nothing wrong with the truth. We always emphasize not to objectify women, but for the beauties on the screen, both men and women will inevitably carry the scrutiny and desires from the viewer. Moreover, acknowledging this essence does not mean denying the fun and novelty of this character. Seydoux did not make strong rhetoric, but used a seemingly stereotyped impression to make people feel a sense of identity from the heart, but to liberate this role.

Beautiful actresses are easily referred to as "vases". Seydoux quoted a quote from the famous French director François Truffaut in response: "Actresses are like vases. All you have to do is to put flowers in." She does not deny I am a vase to some extent, but "No matter what the director wants to present, I will accept it."

Léa Seydoux | This woman, so Versailles, so real and lovely | Beautiful Pictures

Vanity Fair September 2019

In the past two years, there has been more and more discussion, and the difference between the male and female views of film creators. Seydoux’s point of view is very straightforward: "Male directors always express their desire for women-they want women How to dress, how to dress up; female directors are more like projecting themselves into the work." Then she changed her words again, "If I make a movie, I will also choose the type of man I like. It is a projection of desire. That's it."

W Magazine May 2016

As for the issue of feminism, Seydoux's degree is still not conventional: "It is good to be feminists, but we should also be masculists, and vice versa. Men should also be feminists, and we should support each other."

It may sound "utopian", but Seydoux can say such things, including all of her remarks above, because she lives and grows in a relatively free and equal environment, "I never felt that I was inferior to a man. I’ve never thought that I can’t do certain things because I’m a woman. I’m lucky because I know it’s not everywhere.”

Vogue Paris December/January

We are too accustomed to binding everything with the right, and too harsh on the occurrence of mistakes. More and more people say the right things but actually do the opposite. We cannot be loyal to others, or even to ourselves. Perhaps the most worthy thing about French women is not dress or style, but to express themselves more freely and frankly, talk about gender and desire, talk about inferiority and narcissism, without having to avoid conflicts, entanglements, and confusion.

Every human individual cannot use "right" and "wrong" to distinguish between black and white. It is a person's charm that is full of truths. Like Léa Seydoux, it's very Versailles, and it's very cute.

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