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Corona virus update December 31 | Russia, Moscow, World
Corona virus update December 31 | Russia, Moscow, World


A total of 3,159,297  cases of infection were recorded, of which 27,747 were new. 593 people died during the day, 57,019 for the entire period (data from the headquarters).

The spread of coronavirus (how much on average an infected person manages to infect before isolation) in Russia on Thursday dropped to lows  - 0.94 for the first time since late July. In Moscow, this figure is at its lowest level over the past six months - 0.8. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, in none of the ten regions with the highest number of cases, the coefficient did not exceed one.

About 663.2 thousand citizens remain under medical supervision in Russia due to suspicions of infection with COVID-2019.

The headquarters explained the discrepancy with Rosstat in the published data on mortality due to coronavirus. This is due to the different counting methods. 


In total, 809 769 cases of infection were recorded, of which new - 6 566.

Boris Grachevsky, the artistic director of the Yeralash children's magazine, was transferred to intensive care . Previously, he was diagnosed with a coronavirus. At first, the 71st Grachevsky was treated at home, then he was hospitalized.


In total, more than 82.7 million cases of infection were recorded, 1 805 002 people died (data from Johns Hopkins University).

The UK authorities, where a new variant of the coronavirus was recently discovered, ruled out the possibility of quarantine. But they decided to postpone the opening of schools in many parts of the country.

Almost 450 German citizens planning to celebrate New Year in Sweden stopped at the Danish-Swedish border and sent back to their homeland. Earlier, Sweden closed the border with Denmark due to fears of the spread of a new strain of coronavirus. 

A new strain of coronavirus from the UK first discovered in mainland China. A 23-year-old student who returned to Shanghai tested positive for COVID-2019.

Hungary will buy the coronavirus vaccine through the European Union procurement program or from China. This decision is due to the insufficient production capacity of the Russian vaccine.

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