A volcano eruption in southern Japan held recently. But there is no need to panic guys, all the situations are in control. No damage or injuries was recorded there. Actually, this eruption took place on a small island which is situated in southern Japan. Blasting rocks and ashes was seen there at the time of the eruption.

Volcano Eruption in southern Japan 

Volcano Eruption in Southern Japan
Volcano Eruption in Southern Japan 

Shindake volcano on Kuchinoerabu island

Shindake is the name of this volcano that was erupted on Kuchinoerabu Island. Meteorological Agency of Japan says that Thursday's eruption of Shindake volcano on Kuchinoerabu island sent big flying rocks and hot gases which came from its centre. It has not entered the living or residential area, in fact, it did not reach even 2 km away from the residential area.

No damage or injuries

Officials said that there is no damage or injuries have been recorded. About 80 citizens rapidly took tot safe shelters before any disaster takes place.

Deadliest Mount Ontake eruption in 2014

Mount Ontake Eruption in 2014
Mount Ontake eruption in 2014

On September 27, 2014, Japan faced its destructive and deadliest volcano eruption in almost 90 years. Mount Ontake, in central Nagano area, explode suddenly and shifted many lives from earth to heaven. Many people were killed in that shock eruption.

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