Fairness! What do you understand from this word? Many of the people think that fairness is "How beautiful you are by your face". Yes, it might be correct but it just explains only 10% of the real meaning of fairness. The remaining 90% explanation very different from this. We consider 90% first before considering only 10 %.

What is the remaining 90% meaning of fairness?

Fairness of any person is from his behaviour, thinking, quality to judge someone correctly, expertness to adjust with all situations, ability to finishes up work fairly and many more parameters.

A comedy video which is quite related to this topic is in trending on youtube. This video will not match you if you are finding any deep meaning of fairness. This is just a funny video which is comically filmed on a girl who is dark from his skin.

Just have a look...

Fairness is not everything Beauty is with Beautiful Thoughts

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