In a few weeks, users of the WhatsApp messenger who disagree with the new privacy policy will gradually begin to lose the functionality of the program. First, they will lose access to the chat list, and then they will only be able to answer incoming calls and messages.

WhatsApp messenger will restrict access to users who refused to accept the new agreement
WhatsApp messenger will restrict access to individuals who refused to accept the new policy

WhatsApp Messenger will restrict access to users who refused to accept the new policy: Latest Update

Note that in parallel with this, Facebook continues to make excuses for the introduction of a new privacy policy. This time it is reported that the new data transfer rules will apply only to business accounts, and are also designed to make life easier for ordinary users.

We remind you that, according to the new privacy policy of the WhatsApp messenger, the service can freely collect the personal data of users and use it for its own purposes. These days it is no secret to anyone that Facebook is actively trading in such data - recently, it is reported that the developers of the Signal messenger launched an advertising campaign on  Instagram to show what information about the user is "visible" to the social network.

It should be noted that against the background of the scandal around WhatsApp, the popularity of other messengers - Telegram and  Signal - has sharply increasedAccording to the latest data, the popularity of Signal has recently increased by 4,200%.

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