The state government has decided to delay the UP board examination 2021.  UP board exam 2021 postponed, all UP schools and colleges also be closed till May 15

UP board exam 2021 postponed
 UP board exam 2021 postponed

After this decision of the state government UP schools for classes 1 to 12 and colleges will also be closed till May 15. And UP board exams 2021 are postponed for now. There is no declaration of the next UP Board examination dates but most possibly the new dates for the UP board exam 2021 will be considered in May.

On Sunday, Yogi Adityanath (Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister) announced the closure of all schools from classes 1 to 12 until April 30. Now the new decision will overrule that one.

Earlier, the Uttar Prased school education minister had declared that students of classes 1 to 8 studying in UP board government schools would be promoted to the next class without appearing for any exams.

On Tuesday, India had reported its highest-ever one-day increase in COVID cases which is over 1.8 lakh and also recorded 1,027 deaths, according to India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. On that same day, UP reported 18,021 new Covid-19 cases and a total of 85 deaths.


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