Patients who have suffered a mild form of coronavirus often subsequently suffer from a number of severe consequences of the disease said doctor Koichi Hirahata of the Tokyo Hirahata clinic based on observational data.

Japanese doctor warns of serious consequences of mild coronavirus
Japanese doctor warns of serious consequences of mild coronavirus

“The overwhelming majority [facing severe consequences of the disease] - 80.69% - are young people under 40-50 years old. In other words, the very age category in which the course of the disease is considered the mildest gives more serious consequences after the disease, ”said Hirahata (quoted by RIA Novosti ).

He explained that 97.1% suffer from chronic weakness after illness, 86.8% suffer from depression, and 83% suffer from inability to formulate a thought. 77.4% complain of headache, 77.4% complain of pain in the whole body, 73.3% experience difficulty in breathing. Heart palpitations were found in 71.3%, insomnia - in 71.3%, lack of appetite - in 63%, hair loss - in 52.9%. Sense of smell was lost in 35.2% of those who had a mild form of coronavirus, taste sensations - in 27.9%.

Earlier, American scientists found that people who have undergone coronavirus have a prolonged weakening of cellular immunity. This can affect the body's ability to resist viruses later. Moreover, disorders of immune regulation were more often observed in those who had a mild illness. The situation was aggravated depending on the age. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Health in October warned of the risk of infertility in men who have undergone coronavirus.

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