NEW DELHI: There are 20 judges for each 10 lakh individuals in the nation when contrasted with 17 out of 2014, the Law Ministry said on Wednesday.

20 Judges Per 10 Lakh People In India

20 Judges Per 10 Lakh People In India
20 Judges Per 10 Lakh People In India

In a composed answer in Lok Sabha, priest of state for Law P P Chaudhary stated, in view of the populace according to Census 2011 and authorized quality of judges in Supreme Court, the 24 high courts, and lower legal executive in 2018, the judge-populace proportion in the nation works out to be 19.78 judges per million populace.

He stated the proportion was 17.48 judges per million populace in 2014.

The endorsed quality of judges of high courts has expanded from 906 judges in June 2014 to 1079 judges in December 2018 and the authorized quality of Judges of area/subordinate courts has expanded from 20,214 out of 2014 to 22,833 of every 2018.

In any case, the working quality of judges in high courts is 673 while for the Supreme Court it is 28 against the endorsed quality of 31.

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