Winter storm US with snow ice and freezing rain is punishing the US. Citizens are suffering from the storm, the winter storm starts from Mideast and punished mid-Atlantic region Sunday with a mix of ice, snow and sleet (rain with hailstone). This winter storm became a big reason of at least five deaths in the Midwest area and now hits the mid-Atlantic region. Icy mixed Strom tends to interrupt or totally lost of power supply. Governments decided to stop many flights, to save travellers from any accident.

Declaration "State of emergency"

The Winter storm already stopped power to almost 200,000 people in Virginia And North Carolina. In North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper announced a state of emergency (Sunday) to help utility team restores electricity. Nearly 1,000 workers from state transport are called to clear ice and snow.

National Weather Service Report (Winter storm US with snow ice)

The NWS - National Weather Services recorded a half inch of ice in some areas of western North Carolina. Which is leading to the fallen trees, dropped power supplies and lines. But according to report, other areas of the state have mostly freezing precipitation. 

Snow is Everywhere  

By late Sunday afternoon, the Washington, D.C. metro area, northern Virginia and parts of Maryland had total snowfall collection ranging from five to eight inches which is approximately 12-20 centimetres.

250 flight are Cancelled

More than "Two fifty" flights are cancelled for travellers. They all are seeking, that when they will get a fight with permission to travel.

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