Rajya Sabha Passes Quota Bill

Rajya Sabha approved the bill, that was previously passed by Lok Sabha. As per this bill, 10% Quota will be get reserved for the education and jobs of the general category candidates.

Rajya Sabha Passed Quota Bill
Rajya Sabha

Who will get the benefit?

This bill will be profitable for those who are in the general category. Actually, the Indian Government has made some changes to the constitution. According to these changes, now 10% seats will be get reserved for general category candidates (Economically weaker only).

Who are Economically weaker?

Candidates whose economic status matches with this are considered as Economically weaker.
  1. Earning less than Rs 8 lakh per annum 
  2. Own less than 5 acres of land 
And Economically weaker General candidates would be eligible for the proposed quota.

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