Now, Indians under 15 and over 65 can use Aadhaar as a valid travel document to visit two countries, Nepal and Bhutan are in this list. An Indian citizen who wants to travel these two countries doesn't need a VISA with them. They only need a valid passport, an election id card or a photo identity card issued by the government.

Now Aadhaar is a valid travelling document to visit Nepal and Bhutan

Now Aadhaar is a valid travelling document to visit Nepal and Bhutan

All the people of India who are covered in these age groups(under 15 and over 65) are able to use Aadhaar as a travelling document. But who are not covered in this age group are not allowed to use this travelling document as they do. One more thing is important, this phenomenon is valid only in the travelling between the countries Nepal and Bhutan.
These all updates are from the Home Ministry communique issued recently.

Earlier Indian citizens over 65 and under 15 had to show some relevant identity proofs like their driving licence PAN card, Ration card and etc. but not Aadhaar. Now, the Aadhaar is also added as a valid travelling document for travelling between these two countries. This whole information is explained by a Home Ministry Official.

Actually, Aadhaar is a unique identification number issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India ). This is a 12 digit number and is being compulsory for using any government services in India.
The official also said that the certificate of registration issued by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu, to the Indian citizens is not a valid travelling document to travel between India and Nepal.
But an emergency certificate with an identity certificate that issued by the Indian Embassy in Nepal will valid a single journey of coming back to India.

One more option for teens between 15 and 18. They can travel between India and Nepal with the help of an identity certificate that is issued by the Headteacher or principal of their school. This certificate must be in the prescribed form.

If someone planning to have a family visit there with members like husband, wife, minor children and parents, then there is no need to have all person with all travelling document. Only one of the adult member has to bring his valid travelling documents, that are sufficient for travelling with family. But all the remaining family members must have proof with them that they are of same family and a separate photo identity card also. Such as ration card, CGHS card a driving licence or an Identity card issued by regional school/college.

While Indian citizens travelling to Bhutan need to have an Indian passport with at least validity if six months or a Voter ID issued by the Election commission of India.

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