We always plan for weight loss but reducing that is a big deal. Our diet always exceeds from our workout, which is the major cause of obesity. To reduce weight some people promise themselves that they will control their eating and follow a strict routine of workout and etc.

But control on eating is difficult for some people, so they plan for doing a regular workout. Now because doing a workout or hard exercise is also a very difficult work. That's the reason many of the people choose morning and evening walking as an easy and effective way of reducing weight.

Here this article contains, how to reduce weight? Is Hot water bath better than 30 minutes of walking or not? These questions are answered in this section.
Guys, we always have been made resolutions on different days like a new year, birthday, marriage anniversary and etc. that this year we will reduce weight, we will work out regularly and so on. But we don't follow that. You can reduce your weight by taking a hot bath daily.

Hot water bath better than 30 minutes walking

The easiest way to reduce weight

Our mission of losing those piling kilos can now be achieved with regular exercise and with hot water too. Yes, you really don't need to depend on any gym to reduce your weight you can try other methods of reducing weight like taking a hot water bath.
Both the workout and hot water bath can help you in reducing weight but hot water bath is the easiest way of doing that.

How much weight you can decrease with a hot water bath?

According to a study, it is observed that you can burn just the same amount of calorie with a hot water bath that you burn a 30-minute walk or jog session. The credit of this study goes to Dr Faulkner from London based university

The study by Dr Faulkner

For this study or experiment, fourteen people (14 people) are selected to perform two different tasks:
  1. To spend one-hour bicycling or run on a treadmill 
  2. Spend 1 Hour in hot water tub. 

Results of the study

However, workout burn more calories, it is sure but you can also reduce your weight by a hot water bath which will reduce up to 130 calories which equals to that you burn on jogging approx. a 30 minute round. 
While there was no denying that the actual workout burned way more calories, it was observed that spending the required time in hot water burned around 130 calories, which is just the same as that of a 30-minute walk session.

How does it work?

It absolutely sounds odd that you can burn your calories by just having a hot water bath. But it is the truth that you can control your fat to some extent. It actually speeds up the process of reducing weight that you does by your workout and also helps in reducing the factors that are responsible for your fat.

Other Benefits of a Hot Water Bath

In the same study discussed above some more fantastic results came out. One of them is that you can also reduce your sugar level. A day after the experiment it was observed that the blood sugar level is 10 per cent low of the participants from those who do not spend an hour in a hot water tub.

Some more benefits:
Hot water bath better than 30 minutes walking

  1. Simply relaxing
  2. Good for skin, muscles, joints as well as the heart
  3. Pain levels are reduced
  4. Regulates blood flow levels
  5. Also a cure for insomnia


A human body can burn more calories when its temperature is increased. Actually, our body works hard continuously to maintain its temperature and burn more calories to maintain that. Basically, when a human body faces such conditions of heating, heat shock proteins are generated which accelerates the fat reducing or fat burning process.

But just keep in mind, only dependence on this method may make you feel disappointment. You can only lose weight by doing a proper workout with a proper and healthy diet. Yes, hot water bath can increase your fat burning process.

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