Mathematics Paper will Be Easy, How?

The Coming 2020 Will be lucky for those who have quite less interest in Mathematics. A student can choose for an easy maths paper or exam in class 10th Boards. In a circular which is issued on Friday, the CBSE board announced that there will be two levels of mathematics examinations for the Class X boards in coming 2020. All the students who will be in 10th in 2019 will  have the option to chose between two mathematics exam standard as follows:
  1. Mathematics Basic 
  2. Mathematics Standard

What is Mathematics Basic Exam?

This Exam pattern will be designed for those students, who want to opt another stream other than Science Stream Or who are going to Choose PCB(Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
So, This means If You don't want to Take PCM(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in the senior secondary level, then you can opt for "Mathematics Basic".

What is the Mathematics Standard Exam?

This Exam is designed for those students who are willing to have mathematics subject in senior secondary level also. 

Is Pattern is going to change?

No, the mathematics paper pattern is not going to change, the pattern will be the same for the "Mathematics Standard Exam" and a new simpler pattern is designed for New "Mathematics Basic Exam".

Concluding that the changes will only in the mathematics board examination question paper, The syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment for both levels of exam will remain the same.

The move will be implemented from 2020.
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