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Reservation in India

Reservation in india is one of the biggest issues that affect people in India, Some of the Population always opposes reservation and some supports. Parties maintain this condition, that none of the parts of the population will defollows them. To do so parties always makes changing the reservation rules and criteria. And also a big change held recently on the criteria of giving reservation. Read the whole post for detailed information.

Will BJP remove Reservation

Removing Reservation is a very strict step that hearts many people of India. And Parties generally not take such steps that will affect there vote banks. But even after this risk of losing vote bank, news of changing the criteria of reservation, came form Narendra Modi. Which is spreading all over the india like a fire. But what is that step? Explained here.

BJP-Bharatiya Janata Party view on reservation

Latest BJP view on reservation is of totally a different type, that other parties had before. Recently
Cabinet approves 10% quota for ‘economically weaker’ General category. Means 10% reservation for those who are economically weaker. The reservation is now based on a new provision, not on the previous provision, i.e. on the basis of caste SC/ST/OBCs.

Who are Economically Weaker?

A person will be economically weaker if:

  1. Their annual income is below Rs 8 lakh,
  2. They own agricultural land of less than five hectres
  3. They own homes smaller than 1,000 sq. ft.
  4. They own residential plots below 109 yards in notified municipality
  5. They own residential plot below 209 yards in non notified municipality area
When this condition applies then you will be able to get a reservation in India.

Reservation free India

Now those peoples have thought in their mind, that India should be reservation free country can enjoy this decision. Because this decision is better than the decision of a reservation free India. 

Why this step or decision is good?

This step is good because here reservation is not on the base of castes, here reservation is based on the economic health of any person, family, group, community. So this change in reservation criteria will help in uplifting the poor peoples and our country will become free of poorness.

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