Do you know why Army Day is celebrated every year on January 15? On January 15, 1949, General (later Field Marshal) KM Cariappa was designated as Commander-in-Chief of Indian Army.

Army Day 2021: Why Army Day is celebrated every year on January 15?

Army Day 2021: Today India is celebrating its Sventy Third (73rd) Army Day. Army Day is celebrated every year on January 15 to honour the warriors of the country, who have established the major example of selfless duty and brotherhood and larger than anything the affection for the country.

Every year Army Day is celebrated at all Army Command headquarters. 

On this occurrence of the 73rd Indian Army Day, the Indian Army is going to plan a marathon 'Vijay Run' to honour Swarnim Vijay Varsh celebrations of India's loud victory over neighbour country Pakistan in 1971.

The nation also gives tribute to the spirits of the Bravehearts on this date and appreciate and thank them for their selfless duty for the country.

History of Army Day

On January 15, every year Army Day is celebrated. It was first celebrated on this date in 1949. On this day the Indian Army got its very first army chief Lieutenant General KM Cariappa. General  KM Cariappa (later Field Marshal) was designated with the designation of Commander-in-Chief of Indian Army on this same date in 1949. He was the first Indian to be designated as Commander-in-Chief. He took over the controls of the Indian Army from the British Commander-in-Chief of India General Sir Francis Butcher. He was the last Commander-in-Chief of India, in British rule.

He raised the slogan 'Jail Hindi' which means or intends the 'Victory of India'.

He is also an officer of only two Indian Army officers to take the Five-star rank of Field Marshal; the other officer being Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

Let's remember the great souls and personalities, Feel free to write your words in the comment section on the occasion of 73rd Army Day.

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